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July 20 the minister of construction and house-municipal services of the Nizhniy Novgorod area Pavel Markov has examined builded object a springboard -48, located on a slope of the Volga slope, in area of the area Sennaya.

Making comments results of survey, Pavel Markov has declared: In the whole construction of object goes under the diagram, the failures are not present. With autumn of the current year we shall ensure his input. A springboard -48. One of three springboards of a sports complex on Sennaya, which is unique not only for Russia, but also for all Europe: is located in city centre, instead of behind city, as others.

Answering on questions of the journalists, the minister also has noted: the Reconstruction of two other Nizhniy Novgorod springboards planned on the nearest prospect, will allow to carry out in the Nizhniy Novgorod area of competition of the international level, that, certainly, positively will have an effect on image of region and will increase receipts in his treasury.

On the data given by a press-service of administration of the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod area, springboard -48, intended for competitions on jumps on a ski both in winter, and in years time, - one of three springboards of a sports complex on the area Sennaya - beginnings to be under construction in 2003 under the initiative of government of the Nizhniy Novgorod area, and is supervised by the regional ministry of construction. For today the design of a springboard, in a stage of preparation judical , mountain of a landing and geolattice strengthening a slope is completely ready. The springboard -48, intended for preparation of the sportsmen on jumps on a ski, corresponds to the international standards.

By the plan the object will be handed over in the autumn of 2005. On his construction is spent 6 million. 778 thousand roubles, from which 3 million 316 thousand - from regional, more than 3 million - from the federal budget.

Daria Kazanceva. "League - " < http: // www.liga-press.ru / >, 21.07.2005.

Destiny of the largest springboards of Russia - Gorkovskiy

In 1955 in Nizhni Novgorod (then still - Bitter) the urban federation on jumps from a springboard has appeared, which president was nominated of the Soldiers by. The federation has appeared, and to jump whence? First in region the springboard was only... 30 meters. Have constructed by his forces, almost in manually. The first time there also jumped.

- To construct the large springboard there was initially my initiative, - tells Sergey Ivanovich - we achieved it long and god a message with what by ways. I went to the chairman of Regional executive committee, wrote the letters in the supreme bodies. In two months I come back home, and us, it appears, already have sent the designer of Aleksandr Kolodner, it is amazing of the decent man, in love in the business. Where it only these springboards did not build! Even ice - somewhere under Vorkuta... And here three basic initiators have appeared us: I, Sergey Saharnov, deserved trainer USSR, first trainer sportsmen in our city, and Kolodner. Have found a place, have developed a curve...

And Kolodner, should to you tell, was large both got. Also there was here what history. Our federation very much was friends with Finnish. And here there comes to us a delegation. And Kolodner by him take and tell, that the then chairman of Regional executive committee Proskurin has promised to construct the largest springboard in the country. Well the Finns know as this kind of sports love. Proskurin just was lucky them by the steam-ship on Volga, and our visitors during trip absolutely have showered of Alexandr Dmitrievich by questions about a new springboard.

In a result anything to the chairman of Regional executive committee did not remain how to permit this springboard to construct. In 1958 the official opening was held. And we just just have returned from Switzerland. We come on opening... Know, at me photos till now lay: on whole kilometer - wall of the people, all black - black, seems to me, thousand three hundred there was present. In 59 year we for the first time have lead the international competitions - Finns came. It is remarkable by that the city at us was closed. The truth, it there were first and last international tournaments those years.

- And what now with this springboard has become?

- All as is usual... For 50 years it has grown old, has become to begin to rot, at him a wooden covering - the cracks have appeared. We closed up them, and sense? It is necessary to reconstruct. Here the year back came the expert from Germany, has told, that from this springboard to jump it is impossible more.

Tatiana Artuckova. " Moscow komsomolec " < http: // www.mk.ru / >, 13.04.2006.